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BC Dry Powder Extinguishing Agent


1. Specifications and Models

2. Standards: GB 4066.1 and ISO7 202

3. Compositions and Purposes

The BC dry powder extinguishing agent uses sodium bicarbonate as basic firefighting materials. It features a quick firefighting speed, high firefighting efficiency, good insulating properties, no harm to humans and livestock and long storage periods. It can be used to fill portable and wheeled dry powder extinguishers in firefighting trucks. It is suitable for putting out combustible liquid fires (class B fires) and gas and electric equipment fires (class C fires). It is widely used in venues like power distribution rooms, kitchens and machines rooms prone to combustible liquid and gas fires and electric equipment fires. The piles of the products shall not be too high in order to avoid caking. The period of validity is 5 years.

4. Package

5. Storage

The extinguishing agent shall be sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated environment with a temperature lower than 40 ℃.