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Suzhou Wuyue Synthetic Fire Sci-tech Co., Ltd.

Founded in November 1985, Suzhou Wuyue Synthetic Fire Sci-tech Co., Ltd., the former Suzhou Wuyue Hecheng Chemical Factory, is a professional large manufacturer of dry powder extinguishing agent products.


Petrochemical fire accidents and countermeasures
Fire accidents in chemical enterprises and the loss of a large number of poisonous and harmful gases (or liquids) are generally characterized by high toxicity, easy diffusion and easy combustion and e



The company has obtained the certification of the ISO 9001 quality management system and has a complete set of test equipment. The products have successively obtained the certifications of the American UL standard, the EU EN615 standard and the Japanese standard.
corporate philosophy
Firstly, the company breaks into the domestic market in an all-round way and constantly meets domestic customer demand by quality products.
Secondly, the company cooperates with foreign customers in an all-round way and preliminary results have been achieved.
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